Door Locks and Latches – Important Door Accessories

How safe is your home? Are your door accessories durable enough to secure your door and home property? Securing one’s property is a concern of every individual especially homeowners. Having a door locks and latches in your home could help secure your property. This product of Architectural Ironmongery have been used hundreds of years ago and is evident that it was developed in the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Civilization.

In our own times, we used Architectural Ironmongery products all throughout the day. We almost encounter this metal instruments everyday. Just like the door locks and latches. We always see and used it in times when we need to get in and out of the house. To better know how door locks and latches made of, their history and uses, let me define and state it below.

First of all, door locks is a mechanical or electrical device which is used to enclosed property such as the door of your house, or vehicle. It may be mechanical in a way that it can be released by using key and electrical by using remote control to released the door locks. Wooden locks and keys were developed 4000 years ago. Modern locks is what we’re using up to this days. It may be made of stainless steel, brass, or chrome.

There are different types of locks that we are using today. First is the Pin-Tumbler Locks which is mostly used in the Western World. It has been around since 2000 B.C. This lock was large, heavy, and made of wood, with pins made of metal usually bronze but sometime iron. Next type is the Wafer Locks. It is also known as Disc Tumbler Lock. It is often used in automobiles and cabinetry. This is usually made of die-casted zinc alloy. Next is the Lever Locks. It was invented in Europe in the 17th century. This is built of very strong materials and a popular lock type for safety. This is widely used door locks in some countries.

There are many types of door locks and the above mentioned are the most common. Now, we proceed to door latches. Stated below are the most common types of door latches and its function.

Door latches is a type of mechanical fastener that is used to join two or more objects together while allowing for the regular or eventual separation of the objects. This is different with the door locking mechanism of doors and windows. Door latches typically engaged another piece of hardware on the other mounting surface. There are different type of door latches. First is the Slam Latch. Slam latch uses spring and is by slamming of the door. Its mechanism is to hold the door closed. It is very ideal for industrial and construction application. Next is the Cam lock. This is a type of latch with a base and a cam. The base is where the key is used to rotate the cam. These were the most common latches together with deadbolt latch, spring latch and rotary latch.

There are wide range of door locks and latches available, each corresponding to a specific use. If you are going to hunt or to look for a door locks and latches which you will going to incorporate on your doors, just visit your local Architectural Ironmongery online or in store shops.

Opening the Door on Hardware Purchasing

Nowadays we sometimes hear people saying that they need to change door hardware. What does that really mean and why should you do this? Door hardware refers to any part (hardware) that can be added, change, modified in order to obtain some benefits. Any door (when purchased) comes with a special set of door hardware. It should be used to mount the door and is not necessarily esthetic. Because of this more and more people are turning towards different parts to modify or add to their door.

Most people will decorate and use door hardware for the main door of the house. Why do that? There are two big answers to the question. The first one refers to security. You might want to add door hardware in order to make your lock better and your door harder to break. The second one is purely aimed towards design. Some small door hardware parts can do wonders and can create a special appearance. It is not uncommon to add to the door. What is different is taking from it. Some people like the door to look as old as possible. This means that either the individual does not care or he/she just likes simple doors, without add-ons.

If you want to modify a door using door hardware there are some steps that need to be taken. First of all you will have to see what type of door you have. This is because not all models are the same. For instance, sliding door hardware is 100% different than pocket door hardware. Start measuring the door! You will need to write down how tall the door is and what type it is (normal, sliding etc.), the measurement of the knob and how wide it is. Armed with these details you will be able to purchase the perfect door hardware.

Some accessories might, at any time, turn into really good offers. What needs to be understood from the previous statement is that sales are always available. Be on the look out and spot your favorite door hardware. When it goes on sale you can purchase it and you will have saved money. Door hardware is very common and the ease of installation makes it possible for some people to do the jobs of professionals. On the other hand, if you do not know what you are doing, you might just end up breaking the door instead of making it more appealing or simply better.

Door hardware is very common. It is currently sold on thousands of web sites and specialized stores across the USA and Europe. Purchasing something to make your house entrance look better is always a good investment (unless the price was not right or quality has flaws). Stay informed and be on the look out for the best and most beautiful parts out there. Do not say “Great, they have it, I’ll take it tomorrow”. Tomorrow you might need to do something else so this is a total waste of time and money.